After studying a degree in Graphic Information Design at the University of Westminster, I started my career at a design agency in London called ‘The Design Corporation’. After about 6 months working there designing record covers, t-shirts and in store ad campaigns for the likes of Topshop and Topman and Miss Selfridge and Burton, the owner decided to leave his company and concentrate on becoming a fashion photographer taking me with him as his eager assistant.

We travelled Europe working for publications such as Vogue and Manner Vogue and shooting various advertising campaigns for high end fashion stores. Although I enjoyed this time and learned a lot about dealing with clients and working in a team with other creative people, I had always longed to work in the film industry in some capacity.

My dream was to come true when I covered a sabbatical at a small film company called Rawi Macartney Cole. Not knowing anything really about what a production runner’s role entailed, I launched head first into it with an open mind and an eagerness to watch and learn whatever that could be. Once the original runner returned from his travels and resumed the position I was fortunate enough to be offered a role at The Paul Weiland Film Company on a more permanent basis. Being a runner here was challenging, with many more directors and projects to juggle, however this did mean many more shoots too, so my shoot experience was soon getting better and soon I was able to take a look at each department on the film unit and see what each person did and decide eventually if that was the job for me. Over time it became apparent that production design may be a next step and Alison Dominitz took me under her wing and trained me up in the art department and I worked solidly for her on numerous commercials learning every step of the way.

I started working with different art directors and production designers on many more commercials over the years until finally I started to get work of my own as an art director in my own right. Over time it was clear that my true talent came in styling and it was at this point I decided to concentrate all my efforts on switching from art department to wardrobe and basically never looked back.

I assisted quite a few designers before branching out on my own as Costume Designer. And in 2005 along with another stylist friend of mine, Moira Chapman, set up a personal shopping company together, The Glamour Department.

The Glamour Department provides a service choosing outfits, wardrobe editing, updating existing outfits and more for people with too little time or even those who don’t have the inclination or eye to buy for themselves. Together, Moira and I have about 20 years experience in the film industry and our clients have included Jasmine Guinness, Richard Branson, Tamara Beckwith, David Walliams, Davina McCall, Mark Owen, Scissor Sisters, White Stripes, Brand New Heavies, and Westlife to name but a few.

Together we have a wide and varied source of fantastic contacts including top PR companies, vintage boutiques, designers, and an inside knowledge of many leading department and high street stores.

Our aim is to make the personal styling experience an exciting and pleasurable time. Fun, fast and fruitful. Taking into account a client’s personal needs and, of course, their budget.

This has obviously led us to our current collaboration with the Lighthouse Company, enabling us to work very closely with various people who either need a different look for an interview or who need a whole wardrobe overhaul for an upcoming change of career.

Kathleen says:
“Jonni is one of a kind, a unique and celebrated stylist. His down to earth, yet creative passion lies in understanding the desires of his clients and thoughtfully, (with great humour and care) guiding them towards a braver and yet bespoke look that brings out the confidence, character and brand of an individual. He will make you feel special within minutes of meeting you and will intelligently understand where you have boundaries and where you need to be persuaded. Whatever your desired outcome, he will know where to shop and how to achieve the style you long for – and you will never outdo his creative flair for dressing himself like Johnny Depp. I adore him.”