After growing up and being educated in London I opted to study Ancient History at the University Of Bristol. My degree was challenging yet rewarding, and it was a joy experiencing a new city – especially one as vibrant as Bristol.

I moved back to London after graduating last year and spent some time working in the music industry, chiefly with Los Angeles-based start-up LiveList. I loved the small team I worked with, and the challenge of growing awareness of a lesser-known brand in the up-and-coming industry of music livestreams.

After my time with LiveList ended I decided to pursue a career outside of music, opting to look for something better suited to my energy and drive, and quickly found The Lighthouse Company. Upon first arriving in the office and meeting the team I knew that it would be a perfect fit.

My role as Research Coordinator mirrors the best aspects of my degree. Broadly, Ancient History is the study of the past, but specifically requires making connections and digging up evidence that might not be clear at a casual glance. Connecting the dots and creatively finding solutions to problems are all part of the process. Since joining Lighthouse in August 2016 I have felt welcomed by the energetic team, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

Although I opted to leave music as a profession, it is still a great passion of mine outside of work. I love playing and creating music –I mainly play guitar and bass-, but also writing about it. I run a small music website, Good Music Matters, which is devoted to promoting lesser-known artists across a variety of genres.