My journey started at a small village school in Kent called Cobham where I quickly became known for my bubbly, outgoing personality and my ability from a young age to effectively communicate with both small and large groups of people. These factors helped me land a role as a contestant on the television programme ‘Trapped’. Being chosen over my peers at such a young age gave me the mind-set that I can do anything and an enthusiasm to succeed.

During my secondary education at Mayfield Grammar School in Gravesend, my initial  aspirations pointed towards a career in politics and I went on to complete A levels in History, Government and Politics and Biology. However, my vision of entering the world of politics was swiftly thrown into question when in 2015 I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to undertake work experience at The Lighthouse Company.  I felt extremely welcomed into the company and quickly learnt a lot about the fast paced, diligent searches that go on in the world of headhunting. I was impressed by how well the team worked together and admired the ethos that Kathleen has built within the company. It instantly made me realise it was a world I wanted to be a part of.

Over two years later and I have since finished my A levels; and luckily for me the Lighthouse had not finished with me yet. Being given the chance to join the Lighthouse team was an absolutely fantastic opportunity that I jumped at; for them to see potential in me and for me to have the opportunity to learn a whole new set of skills will see my career take off faster than I could have imagined if I’d traded the work place for university.

In my spare time, I enjoy walks in the countryside with my partner Alex and hitting up the shops whenever possible for a new pair of heels or two.